Gothic contact lenses : crazy contact lenses to make an impact !

gothic contact lenses are also vampire contact lenses or pitch black mirrored contact lenses, these costume contact lenses could be for you

Fun Contact Lenses

Gothic contacts are the perfect match for your next party and are can be great fun for playing a practical joke on your friends and family. gothic-contact-lenses If you have not heard of gothic contacts you probably will soon as these special effects contact lenses are fast becoming a trend on the streets and at parties. These gothic contact lenses add the finishing touch to any goblin, ghost or Halloween costume.

Gothic contact lenses are cosmetic lenses that cover the colored part of the eye with a gothic type appearance such as a spider web, green cat eyes, a fire appearance, an angelic glowing like appearance amongst many others.

While they certainly are contact lenses for fun they can also be extremely scary contact lenses

The Hollywood movie industry is to blame for the introduction of different colored cosmetic lenses for special effects and it has now filtered down to the general public.

Gothic contact lenses come in a huge variety and these costume contact lenses are widely available. For anyone looking to compliment their gothic style or costume these special fx contact lenses can be a great addition.

Gothic art, which was a Medieval art movement, lasted roughly two hundred years and the gothic fashion is generally made of a dark and occasionally gloomy and eroticized style of dress. Gothic fashion is well known for including black hair and black garments and now, with the help of gothic contact lenses, you are able to do the entire and dramatic gothic look.