Colored Contacts : how are they classified ?

Color contact lenses with visibility tints are typically a light blue or green cast infused into a contact lens. The dye is too weak to affect how your eye color looks, but it’s just enough to make this type of color contact lens easy to see. That helps when inserting them and minimizes the odds of losing one.

There are 3 types of colored contact lenses :

Color Enhancers contact lenses : An enhancement tint, by comparison, is a richer dye that does change the hue of your natural eye color. They won’t change your color from, say, blue to brown but can give blue or green eyes a more vibrant look.

Color Replacement tinted lenses : they take the process one step further. They are virtually opaque and are designed to alter the natural color of your iris, the colored portion of the eye. Brown eyes can be made to look blue, blue eyes can change to brown with the flick of a lens. They come in an assortment of colors including hazel, green, or blue and even violet or gray.

Colored contacts from just plain visibility tints to color tints and onto special effects give you a world of choices Colored contacts generally do a very effective job not only of shifting or changing color, but of making the effect look very natural. Uniformly colored dyes are enhanced with dots, stripes and other features to mimic the mottled look of the iris. The central portion is clear to allow for full passage of light.

Crazy colored contact lenses :
Gothic Contact Lenses
Gothic contacts are increasingly popular. The classification of Gothic colored contacts can be contentious. Within the gothic movement there seems to be a few different ideas on what being a goth actually is. There is an overlap between Vampire contact lenses and Halloween contact lenses. So these might not appeal to all Goths. Black contacts even black sclera contact lenses are always popular with deeper purple colored contacts also making an appearance.

Halloween Contact Lenses
Halloween contact lenses are now in use as costume contact lenses for special effects all year round
Halloween contacts are generally worn just for the festive period but increasingly these colored contacts are starting to appear in everday life. These color contacts can overlap with Vampire and Gothic colored contacts.Two of the more popular of the cheap Halloween contacts are the cat eye contacts and the glow in the dark contacts.

Vampire Contact Lenses
Vampire contact lenses as seen in the Twilight films have made these special effect contact lenses massively popular
Vampire contacts are usually a mash up of contacts from the other groupings although black contact lenses, white contact lenses and leStat contacts are always popular. The red contact lens is a perennial favorite.

Crazy colored contact lenses
Crazy colored contact lenses are what you want them to be, from vampire gothic style to halloween and every type of costume contacts you can think of
Crazy colored contacts leave you with a wide range of colored, special effects to choose from and probably the only thing that will restrict you with buying these contacts will be how much you are willing to spend.

Mirrored Contact Lenses
Colored contacts like these pitch black mirrored contact lenses create a stunning cosmetic effect
Mirrored contacts are massively popular. If the eyes are the window to the soul well nobody will see yours while wearing these. These mirror tinted contact lenses became very popular following the special effects contacts used in the Chronicles of Riddick films and are sometimes referred to as Riddick contacts.

Theatrical Contact Lenses
Theatrical contact lenses range from mirror contact lenses to costume contacts to colored contacts and every special effect you can think of in between
Theatrical colored contacts or special effect contact lenses are really responsible for the rise in popularity of fx contacts. Their use in the film industry created a whole new market for colored contacts.

Costume Contact Lenses
costume contacts offer a variety of options for finding colored contacts to go with your costume , no matter what special effects you are looking for
Costume contacts, these ever popular colored contacts provide the opportunity to specifically match eye coloring to a particular costume. Sharingan contact lenses and naruto contacts would be considered a type of costume contact lens.

Cosmetic Contact Lenses
cosmetic contact lenses are ideal for mixing and matching, if matching eye color to costumes is what you are after then cosmetic colored contacts will do just that
Cosmetic contacts are colored contacts that are really whatever you want them to be although it is generally accepted that they are not really of the scary type contacts but the more ordinary tinted contacts.Blue contact lenses are ever popular with baby blue colored contacts being a particular favorite among this type of color contact lens

Fun Contact Lenses
If you are looking for contact lenses for fun then these colored contacts can certainly give you some options
Fun contacts totally depends on your idea of fun but they are usually the less intense type with wacky symbols such as smilies or soccer balls or NFL contact lenses,not meant to be scary but just good fun or wacky contacts.

Wacky Contact Lenses
Swirls,spirals, any symbol you can think of can now be had with wacky contacts
Wacky colored contacts are exactly what they say they are. Crazy swirls,symbols,smiley faces, great fun!

Special Effects Contact Lenses
Special effects contact lenses are now mainstream, these crazy theatrical contact lenses are now affordable and more are enjoying the effects of these often scary contact lenses
Special effect contact lenses are colored contacts could be said to cover all the types previously mention for they are all special fx contact lenses in some way or another. Originally these were really movie contact lenses that moved,over time, into the mainstream. These are high end scary colored contacts that although they are by no means cheap color contacts are surprisingly popular fx contacts.

Black Sclera Contact Lenses
Black sclera contact lenses especially the pitch black mirrored contact lenses are one of the most stunning and often scary contacts
Pitch black contact lens, very, very scary contact lenses although expensive. Scleral contact lenses cover practically the entire eye, hence the name sclera i.e. the white part of your eyes. Pitch black contact lenses in this type are seriously crazy contacts.

Cheap Colored Contacts
Colored contact lenses are now treated as medical devices and so the standards with producing these contact lenses are very high in most countries
Cheap contact lenses are easier to find now than ever. Such is the competition between color contact lens manufacturers and retailers of color contacts that the consumer is in a very strong position to avail of discount colored contact lenses. Many retailers offer free color contacts in the guise of free trial color contact lens in order to encourage people to purchase off them.